Community News

*** CDD OPERATIONS OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED OCTOBER 17-NOVEMBER 1 - The CDD Operations Office located in the clubhouse will be closed while the Operations Manager is on vacation. If any resident needs assistance (emergencies only), please contact Justin Croom, District Manger with Rizzetta and Company at or call (813) 533-2950, Ext: 1958. All other matters will be handled when the Operations Manager returns.

*** PENDING CDD AREA IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS *** Over the next few weeks the following projects will be underway in our community (Revised 10/13/2019):

(1) Power washing of curbs and sidewalks to began the week of October 3 and will continue for several weeks (Daystar Exterior Cleaning).

(2) Trimming of oak trees over sidewalks and roadways including Natalie Way to begin the week of October 23 anbd will take 1-2 weeks (Clean Cut Tree Service).

(3) New CDD area landscape maintenance vendor started October 1 (Bloomings Landscape). The HOA and the CDD now are again the same landscape vendor.

(4) Preventative maintenance of marina boat lifts to begin Monday, October 14 (Duncan Seawall).

(5) Replacement of nautical pennants on cupola of clubhouse and SR 70 monument in late October/early November. The Manatee County Fire Department replaces these as a training on the use of the ladder truck for newer firefighters. Schedule to be determined by MCFD.

*** FLORIDA PANTHER SIGHTING *** For the second time in recent weeks a Florida panther has been sighted in our community. Panthers typically travel in early morning or late evening. They are a protected species and there are no documented cases of a Florida panther attacking a human in Florida. Never feed, harrass, corner, or try to capture a Florida panther. (Posted 9/7/2019)

*** BEWARE OF WILDLIFE IN OUR COMMUNITY - A reminder to all residents and guests that feeding or harassing wildlife is prohibited by Florida law. A Florida Panther was recently seen and Otters, including babies, have recently been reported in some ponds. Of course many of our ponds are home to alligators. Otters, alligators, and most wildlife can get aggressive when approached especially if they have babies nearby. It is against Florida Law to feed alligators, raccoons, sandhill cranes, and most other wild animals. (Updated 5/29/19)

*** OBSERVATION PIER REBUILD COMPLETE - The rebuild of the observation pier has been completed. New benches will be installed soon. Click here for pictures - Pier (Posted 5/29/2019)

*** PLEASE OBEY THE 20 MPH SPEED LIMIT AND STOP SIGNS - Exceeding the 20 MPH speed limit on our community streets continues to be a problem. Close calls involving both vehicles and pedestrians have been reported. All residents and their guests are expected to observe the 20 MPH speed limit and STOP at the posted stop signs. Help keep our streets safe for everyone. (Updated 11/7/2018)

*** UPDATE YOUR VISITOR LIST ON MyENVERA.COM - A reminder to residents to be sure to update your approved visitors on your MyEnvera account to help ensure a safer community. A letter of trespass may be issued to a non-resident vehicle owner when their vehicle is parked in a common area within our community, however if the vehicle owner's name is on a resident's approved visitor list a trespass letter will not be issued (Posted 8/29/18).

*** ALLIGATOR MOVING AND MATING SEASON - It is alligator moving and mating season in Florida for the next few months. Several residents have reported alligators crossing our community streets, in their yards, near storm drains and ponds, and on the nature trails. Remember it is illegal (and dangerous!!) to feed or harass an alligator. Click here for the Living With Alligators Brochure

*** CLUBHOUSE AVAILABILITY AND EVENTS IS NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE - Are you wanting to know if the clubhouse is available for a community or private event or if there are any upcoming events? All clubhouse reservations can now be viewed on the Events page of our website. Just click on EVENTS at the top of any page at

*** SIGN UP FOR EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS FROM MANATEE COUNTY - Want to receive emergency notifications from Manatee County? Sign up for the CodeRED Emergency Notification System to receive notifications from government and public safety officials. You will receive CodeRED alerts for emergency updates such as evacuation notices, boil water advisories, weather warnings, and hazardous traffic or road conditions. You can opt to receive notifications by phone call, text or email. This is especially needed if you do not have a published phone number, use a cell phone number from out of state, or want to receive notifications in various ways. Click here for more information CodeRed Registration

*** GATORS IN THE POND. All residents should be conscious that we have alligators residing in some of our ponds. In particular, the eastern most pond on Duval Street. Since we live in an environment where we know alligators are present, everyone should be wary of the fact that a gator could be on the shoreline by the sidewalk, even though that's not their normal spot, and be cautious of that area at all times. Unless provoked in some manner, it is a rare occurance for an alligator to become a nuisance. However, if at any time you feel that there is a large alligator posing a threat to you and/or your pet, please contact the CDD management and they will evaluate the situation and act accordingly. Here is a link that will lead you to a fact sheet about alligators: Living with Alligators