Community Pictures

Observation Pier Replacement Complete

After a long process the observation pier construction is now complete. Final inspections are pending. The CDD is investigating installation of new benches soon so residents can sit and enjoy the scenery. We thank everyone for their patience and support for this project.

Harborage Yacht Club Tour

Some members of The Harborage Yacht Club toured Marlow Marine Boat Builders in Manatee County recently. Marlow builds custom designed yachts per the owners specifications. A down payment of only $125,000 will get your order started on your next multi-million dollar yacht. Their yachts are featured in many boating magazines including Southern Boating. It was a very interesting morning for the yacht club and the members went away dreaming of owning one of their yachts one day.

Scenes Around Our Community

Living in The Harborage has its share of both beauty and wildlife as depicted in the following photos. From top to bottom - Morning mist on Ever's Reservoir; Gopher tortoise on the move; Napping snake; Injured wild turkey being helped; and of course another alligator coming for a visit.