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A Safer Community - Keep Your Envera Visitor List Up-to-Date

Many residents are not adding their visitors to the resident's visitor list either through the MyEnvera mobile app, online, or by contacting Envera. Please ensure your visitor list is up-to-date, and inform all your visitors to provide your name and address upon entry as requested at the gate.   Also confirm your correct contact phone number is on file with Envera should they need to confirm entry of any visitors which are not on your visitor list.  Many residents are bypassing this process which opens up the community to trespassers or others with possible bad intentions.  FOR THE SAFETY AND SECURITY OF OUR RESIDENTS, PLEASE DO NOT PROVIDE YOUR VISITORS AN ALTERNATE METHOD OF ACCESS INTO THE COMMUNITY.  In addition, if any visitor arrives at your residence without notification (if you subscribe to notifications on the MYENVERA app/website), or they are not on your approved visitor list, please inquire as to how they entered the community and ensure they use proper precedures in the future.  A recent increase in thefts of personal property has been reported so all residents are reminded to be diligent in safety measures by locking cars, closing and locking garages and doors, not leaving personal items unattended, and reporting any suspicious activity to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office. 

A safer community is everyone's responsibility and makes The Harborage a great place to call home. 

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