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Important Notices for Residents - Updated Regularly


The pool renovation is substantially complete and the pool reopened on May 25, 2024, at Noon.  The CDD would like to thank all residents for their patiance and cooperation during this large project.   There are a few minor items the contractor will be completing over the next few weeks so there could be intermittent closures during work time or areas of the pool that will be closed.  Please cooperate with mangement and the contractor as needed so they can complete these items.  


Recently more residents have reported dog waste not picked up by dog owners and sometimes the waste has been on the public sidewalk.  The CDD did an inspection today and found numerous places near sidewalks where dog waste was not picked up. Some of those were even within 10-15 feet of a dog waste station.  PLEASE BE A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER AND CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG.  It is a violation of both State Law and County Ordinance with fines up to $300 per occurrence.  Also a reminder to residents that all dogs must be on a leash, not to exceed 8 feet long, and under the person's control at all times when not on the resident's property, per Manatee County Ordinance  (click here for link).  Dogs on community (public) sidewalks and nature trails must be on a leash at all times. 


All residents and associations that control their own irrigation systems were notified to please follow the Manatee County and Southwest Florida Water Management District mandatory water restrictions related to irrigation.  Irrigation water for the Harborage is pumped from our fountain lake.  With the current extreme drought conditions the lake and associated well that fills the lake cannot meet the demand of irrigation water for the community.  For October that was 3.9 million gallons or 64% increase above our 2022 average usage.   A copy of the letter is posted under "Documents" or click here.   You can also view all water restrictions at www.mymanatee.org and search on "Water Restrictions". 


Mallory Park is being reconfigured to provide a more park-like setting for the use of all residents. . A new sidewalk has been constructed and new park benches have been installed.   Some additional trees and landscaping are proposed. This project will extend into additonal years due budget limitations however the new park will hopefully become a more useful area for all residents.    Please note, the park is NOT a dog park.  County leash laws still apply within the park area and the entire communuity.  Residents are required to pick up after their pet.  A pet waste station is currenly located both inside the fenced area of the park and another outside the entry gate for your convenience and at other locations around the community.   Another pet waste station will be installed soon on Duval Street. 


With over 2,000 visitors a month coming through the visitor gate, and to ensure a safer community we are asking all residents to please do their part to help by following the below guidelines:

1)  Confirm that all permanent and temporary visitors have been added to your MyEnvera account through the MyEnvera mobile app, MyEnvera website (www.myenvera.com) or calling Envera at (941) 556-0731. You will need your account name and PIN if calling.  Visitors not placed on your visitor list slows down the gate entry process since Envera will need to call you for entry approval.  If done properly, approved visitors' future entry will be by vehicle tag recognition, which will also minimize waiting at the kiosk. 

2) Ensure all your visitors are aware they MUST stop at the kiosk and provide their name, your name, and your address for proper entry and that tailgating another vehicle is prohibited. 

3) Sign up for email or text notifications of visitors through your MyEnvera account.    If visitors arrive at your home and you did not receive a text or email please inquire how they entered the community and request they follow the proper entry procedures. 

4) Please do not provide your visitors with alternative ways to enter the community such as bypassing the visitor entry process such as providing them a master pass code, or tailgating another vehicle.   A large percentage of residents' visitors each month have been provided alternative ways to enter the community (27% in September 2023). 

5) Even with the gates closed residents should be diligent in ensuring vehicles are placed in their garage when possible, vehicles are locked, valuables not left in vehicles, garage doors are closed, and house doors are locked.  Report any suspicious activity to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office at (941) 747-3011 (or 911 if an emergency). 

For assistance with your MyEnvera account, or if you need the code for the sidewalk walk-through gates, please email harbouragecddmanager@gmail.com or call (941) 727-5500.

NO GLASS ALLOWED IN THE POOL AREA - Florida Law prohibits any glass within the fenced area of any pool or spa.  This is NOT a new law.   We have had several instances of glass broken on the pool deck, later causing injury to residents and temporary or partial pool closure.  The CDD Board of Supervisors has taken a zero tolerance policy on visitors or residents with glass in the pool area.  If glass is found anywhere in or around the pool including garbage cans and recycling bins the pool may be closed immediately and will be closed for a minimum of 24 hours while the pool and spa are cleaned and inspected.  Violators will be requested to leave the area immediately and access may be denied until the propery owner petitions the CDD Board to reinstated access.  

STATE RULES FOR COMMERCIAL POOLS - The State of Florida has implemented or updated some rules that apply to all commercial/community pools that include the following:

  • No glass, no smoking, no animals allowed within the fenced area of the pool.
  • No furniture is to be placed within 4 feet of the edge of the pool/spa for safety reasons.
  • No food or drink within 4 feet of the edge of the pool/spa.  Only commercially bottled water in plastic bottles may be used in the pool/spa for patron hydration.
  • Do not swallow the pool water. It is recirculated.

Other rules apply that are posted on the information board next to the pool enty/exit gate.  




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