Pending CDD Projects of Interest -Updated 7/12/2022

NEW DOG WASTE STATIONS - The CDD is in the process of installing two new dog waste stations per residents' request.  One has already been installed inside the fenced area of Mallory Square Park.  Another one will be installed in the coming weeks near the pond at Simonton Street and Harborage Avenue (near community entrance).   Thank you to pet owners who strive to keep our community pet friendly and free of pet waste in yards and common areas. 

NEW FLORIDA STATE RULES FOR COMMERCIAL POOLS - The State of Florida has implemented or updated some new rules that apply to all commercial/community pools that include the following:

  • No glass, no smoking, no animals allowed within the fenced area of the pool.
  • No furniture is to be placed within 4 feet of the edge of the pool/spa for safety reasons.
  • No food or drink within 4 feet of the edge of the pool/spa.  Only commercially bottled water in plastic bottles may be used in the pool/spa for patron hydration.
  • Do not swallow the pool water. It is recirculated.

Other rules apply that are posted on the information board next to the pool enty/exit gate.  New pool/spa rules signs are being manufactured and will be posted soon.

There has been a increase in pool patrons bringing glass bottles into the pool area. Glass is prohibited anywhere within the fenced area of the pool by State Law. Should a bottle get broken in the fence area the pool/spa may have to closed and even drained per the Department of Health.  ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS  is allowed.  Anyone with glass may be asked to leave and denied future access to the pool/spa per CDD regulations and state law. 

CHANGE TO CLUBHOUSE RENTAL DEPOSIT REQUIREMENT - The $100 clubhouse rental deposit must be paid in advance by cash, check, or credit card as checks can no longer be held and returned.  Any payment will be processed and either a refund issued, cash returned, or refund back to the credit card after the event date and subject to all rental requirements being satisfied (i.e. no damages, clean, etc.).   3/31/22

NEW NO PARKING/TOW AWAY ZONES - New No Parking/Tow Away Zones have been approved.  The north side of Mallory Square Avenue (single family home side) and the south side of Hemingway (two way section between Whitehead and Simonton on the City property side) are now no parking/tow away zones.  Emergency vehicles must have access through these areas, therefore parking is allowed only on one side of those streets.  

MALLORY SQUARE PARK TO REOPEN WEEK OF MAY 30 -  The landscape updates to Mallory Square park are almost complete.  The park is anticipated to reopen the week of May 30.  A new pet waste station will soon in installed inside the park for residents' convenicne.  Please note, the park IS NOT a dog park although dogs are allowed, however it has been noticed some owners are allowing dogs to dog holes and not clean up after their dog. Should this continue the CDD Board may prohibit dogs in park in the future. Please be a courteous dog owner and clean up after your dog.  Updated 5/25/22

RESTROOM/FITNESS ROOM DOORS ARE NOW ON THE ALARM SYSTEM - The clubhouse restroom doors have been replaced and now are on the clubhouse alarm system, along with the fitness room and storage room doors.  Although amenity fobs are disabled after 10PM anyone forcing the doors open will create an intruder alarm and Sheriff Department response.  

NEW IRRIGATION FILTER SYSTEM - A new irrigation filter and control system has been installed for treating, pumping, and controlling the use of the lake water used for irrigation throughout the community.  The system currently will not be operational between the hours of 10AM and 8PM or during or after a substantial rainfall.   Anyone needing to test their irrigation system during these times may contact Tony Gipe, CDD Operations Manager, to request the system be activated temporarily.  At least one day notice is recommended if possible.  Phone (941) 727-5500 or email  

NEW SIDEWALK CONSTRUCTION - The Board of Supervisors approved the construction of a new sidewalk along the north side of the fountain lake between the recreation center parking lot and the fountain lake. It will extend from the existing sidewalk at Duval Street/Harbourage Avenue corner to the existing sidewalk in front of the recreation center. This will enhance this  area for walkers and for the safety of residents that had to walk across the parking lot to access the recreation center.  No construction date has been determined as of yet. 


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